Puppy Love

Miss Molly is the beige colour & Mr Benji is grey and handsome!

She was walking down the street and wandered into a stranger’s front garden. Was different to her garden the grass, flowers, and smells. She left the garden and continued her walk.

A few days later, on her walk she was drawn to the same front garden, there was a smell that drew her there. Miss Molly was so excited and stayed in the garden for a long time.

She was then seen by the owner of the garden with lots of interesting smells and the owner, being me went out to say hello! She was so excited her tail was waging like crazy; Miss Molly is a dog and was with her owner Roslyn. With excitement I said let me get Mr Benji, well what a thrill it was to meet each other. That is where the puppy love started.

Miss Molly cavalier x poodle and Mr Benji bichon frise x poodle are 3 years old, and Miss Molly is 2 months younger than Mr Benji. Miss Molly when on her walk in the mornings if the curtains are open, that means we are home, and she comes to the front door. Benji knows she is there and are runs to the front door with excitement. Miss Molly will come in for a play if I am not leaving for the skin studio. They run around the back yard, the excitement of being together and the smells are so amazing. They chase each other, Mr Benji pulls on Miss Molly’s ears to say, “come on let’s play”, when they have had enough, they flop to the floor and have a nap.

Dogs are so intelligent, when I say “let’s go see Miss Molly” Mr Benji head turns, and they eyes widen and he runs to the front door. I get his lead and open the door and whoosh he has gone, running down the street to Miss Molly’s, his paws don’t touch the ground.

We live in a cul de sac so it is safe for him to run like the wind and all the neighbours now the puppies and their love for each other.

Mr Benji spends more time at Miss Molly’s she prefers to be in her home, there have a larger lounge are to play in and it looks like day care for puppies with all the toys and beds for them to rest on. Mr Benji knows I am coming back to get him, as I leave the lead on the floor and he will sit next to the lead later in the afternoons.

Roslyn and I must use code conversation on the phone because as soon as we mention either puppies name, they are all excite and running to the door.

We all need to have our ‘pack’ be it with family, work place or with our fur babies.

We have moved to Glen Aplin, and most of my friends here have small dogs. Mr Benji has new mates to have some fun adventures with.

We will visit the Gold Coast and when we do Mr Benji will always see Miss Molly.

Ciao for now and remember “self love, self care & a little selfish” is good!

Debbie Majella