Author: debbie

Visit the Country in 2022

Visit the Country Visit the Country in 2022 Visiting the country from the city is a welcoming change. When you drive into Stanthorpe there are no traffic lights, 3 roundabouts in the main street and a warm country welcoming atmosphere.  Leaving the Gold Coast in October 2021 and becoming a resident at Glen Aplin has […]

A house with pets is a house with love.

A house with pets is a house with love. Meet Mr Benji my bichon x poodle dog who is now 3 years old. He is my joy, and the unconditional love fills my heart each day. Benji picked me, after my 2 dogs I had for 13 & 15 years left this earth. He is […]

Puppy Love

Miss Molly is the beige colour & Mr Benji is grey and handsome! She was walking down the street and wandered into a stranger’s front garden. Was different to her garden the grass, flowers, and smells. She left the garden and continued her walk. A few days later, on her walk she was drawn to […]