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Aplin Cottage

A beautiful 1950’s cottage a place for you to relax, be silent and just spent some you time. We all need our personal time and to a little selfish timeout, for better health, mindset and when we have our health and mindset sorted it shines through our skin. 

Your needs will be meet when you visit in 2024.

What your “self love concierge” offers to Women.

Self Love Getaway | EFT Mentoring | Beauty Pampering |  Beauty Tips and Secrets Workshop.

Aplin Cottage

A hidden gem in the country

Walk through the door of the 1950's country cottage. The cottage has been reborn when renovated in February 2022, keeping the unique country look with two new guest rooms.

Self Love Getaway

Are you the nurturing kind? Nurturing is a great quality but while nurturing others have you neglected yourself? If so, you could have fallen into the trap of self-sacrifice – always putting others needs before yourself. Therefore, a Self-Love Getaway could be just the thing for you. It must be time to step back from your self-sacrificing role and step into self-love and self-care and a little selfish.

Many women I know have put the needs of others first to avoid guilt from feeling selfish. But self-love, and self-care is not selfish, it is essential for a positive and productive life.

A Self-Love Getaway is a journey of discover to release the real you, give yourself time to connect with your inner self, your purpose, and your values. 

You’ll be renewed and revitalised after you learn the principles of self-care, self-love and yes, even a little selfish.  

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"selflove ~ selfcare ~ & a little selfish"

Debbie Majella

Meet Debbie

I have been on a journey of self discovery since my 20’s.  My Passion is to share a journey of discovery “self love, self care & a little selfish!   As your “Self-Love Concierge” my duty of care to you is giving of service. Mentoring for women wanting to discover the best version of them self.

Self Love retreats in the country.

Look forward to meeting you soon. x 


Debbie Majella invites you to “Aplin Cottage” A place for women to renew, revitalise and refresh their life. Debbie has a wealth of knowledge in mentoring, beauty and wellness profession spanning 40 years. Her qualifications are: NLP Practitioner, EFT (emotional freedom tapping), Colour and Image Stylist, Diploma in Beauty Therapy,  Founder of Door of Youth Skincare in 2007,  Author of “Love the True You in 21 days” Ebook.