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A journey of self-love, self-care and a little selfish starts with the first step
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Self Care Journey

Are you the nurturing kind? Nurturing is a great quality but while nurturing others have you neglected yourself? 

If so, you could have fallen into the trap of self-sacrifice – always putting others needs before yourself.

Will you allow me to be your self-love, self-care and a little selfish mentor?

Now is the time to design the blue print for 2024 and be the best version of YOU! 

I know how it feels to have an empty love tank and the constant struggle of believing that I am worthy or being there for everyone all the time, am I on the right path, do people like me, am I good enough, why do others have it easy.

Does Doubtful Doris visit too often?

It is time to step up and step out of your comfort zone and
become the best version of you, that you want to be!

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