My Purchase of Land

The story of buying the land…………

I have wanted to live in the country for many years, I was born in Toowoomba in 1960 and it was a small country town back then, has just grown in population over the past 46 years when I left at the age of 15 to live on the Gold Coast with my family.

My 2nd marriage ended October 2018 and I have been renting a cottage style home on the Gold Coast, the past 3 years there has been many challenges in my life that is why I call myself ‘A Woman of Persistence’. There are many stories to share, for today the land.

At 61-year young, I had to look at my future and have security, so I wasn’t renting when in my late 60’s. After a few conversations with a Financial Advisor (recommended to me by a trusted friend Debbie C.) I realised that I had to step up and get my future sorted.

I had been looking at moving to the country Warwick was a place I have viewed a few houses for sale. Being 61, single, self-employed I would not be able to secure a mortgage.

I started researching land within my budget on Google, as we do. Up popped Glen Aplin, 10 mins out of Stanthorpe. I knew the area very well as I when I was selling Esteem Jewellery in 2003 (as a single parent I needed extra $$) I lady asked me how far will you travel to present a jewellery party? My answer was ‘where do you want to hold the party?’ Stanthorpe, she answered, sure if you drive me there and accommodate me. Well, it was the biggest sales in Jewellery and for about 3 years I was coming to Stanthorpe and surrounding area every 3 weeks.

Interesting in 2003 I had thought of moving here and renting a place, maybe out of fear and the unknown I didn’t follow through.

Until next blog. Be kind to yourself.

Self- Love, Self- Care & A Little Selfish xxx

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